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QUESTION: Ok so I have some really nice leopard geckos that I bought from geckos ECT. I bred them this year for the first time. I have 8 eggs at the moment. My incubator is staying around 88-90 degrees. So my first clutch has been in there around a month. When I candles them they were pink but I couldn't see any veins. One started denting so I sprayed a bit of water on the pearlite because it was dry. My question is are they fertile and when can I expect the first ones to hatch if laid on march 23rd?

ANSWER: You should try to keep the incubator under 90F.  One degree may not seem like much, but deformities can occur if temperatures dip outside of the safe range. 89F should be the max temperature.

If they've been in there for a month, and only one began to dent, then they're fertile.  Only living eggs absorb and retain water.  Dead eggs would collapse and/or mold. :)

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QUESTION: They are kinda squishy is that normal? I guess u can't predict when the first eggs should hatch if laid march 23. Thanks

They should be plump and 'squishy,' yes, lol.  Incubation time is variable, and dependent upon many factors - 50 to 60 days is average.  Incubating at 89F, your eggs may hatch sooner.  Expect them to hatch 5 or 6 weeks after they were laid, but don't panic if they take longer.
You will also hatch mostly males. (I assume that was your goal - leopard gecko eggs are temperature-sexed, and higher temperature incubation produces males).


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