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I have housed two leopard geckos (male and female) together and have tried to let them breed. my attempts have been unsuccessful and I have run out of ideas. I need someone to tell me what I can do to breed them.


Please don't take this harshly, but breeding reptiles without comprehensive knowledge of their reproductive cycles and needs is always a bad idea. There are hundreds and even thousands of poorly bred, unwanted reptiles that die every day because they were bred by people who were well intentioned but not knowledgeable.

Rather than simply housing these animals together, I would do a great deal of online research about Leo breeding and husbandry. Make sure you can afford to raise baby geckos, provide for their housing, find homes for them, etc. Also make sure your female is in the sort of shape that wouldn't be taxed by laying eggs. It can be very difficult for females if they don't have a good fat store and adequate calcium.

In short, having a male and female in the same cage is not enough to breed Leos. Please do your homework before contributing to the problem of unwanted reptiles.

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