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Hi, Tracie I have a question regarding my bearded dragon. He has a lump on his back not big bit it is noticeable he is not using the restroom regularly either. He has had it for three days we gave him a warm bath and he started looking like he was trying push it out but all that came was a very tiny string is there any thing else I can do for him.

Hello Tia,

Do you have any pictures of the bump on his back?  
Can you review your tank setup with me too, such as your UVB light, temperatures & the substrate, too.
How old is he?
How often do you give calcium for him?
What type of insects & other food are you feeding him?  
It sounds like he is impacted from something.  

You can try getting either some canned pumpkin or sugar free applesauce to mix with a drop or two of olive or mineral oil to help with impaction.  You can use a syringe or dropper to give him the mix.  Also try warm baths daily to help him out too.  

Keep his tank around 80 overnight to help his system expedite the process.
Let me know how he is doing.



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