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Eddie is 7yrs old. He stopped eating about a week ago and in spite of regular bathing became dehydrated and lethargic. I took him to the vet and they took X-rays, blood and stool. The vet could not determine any issues and they gave him shots in his legs to help rehydrate him and I am force feeding him 25/75 science diet critical care and water. He seems better, but now he can't go to the bathroom and his insides keep sticking out his vent. He is obviously in terrible pain and his vet is out of town now.

Hello Mary,

I am so sorry to hear about Eddie!
Can you run over your tank setup with me, such as which type & brand of UVB light are you using?  Is it a compact/coil light or a tube bulb?
What are the temperatures in his tank?
How often do you give calcium supplementation for him?

He has prolapsed unfortunately.  How bad is it?
Try giving a sugar bath with a good amount of sugar mixed with cool water, to help reduce the swelling so that maybe the area will go back in on its own.  You can use some ky jelly or vaseline to help keep the area moist so it wont dry out.

Do you have any pictures of him?  
When do you expect to get the blood tests back?  
I would love to take a look at them if you can get a copy of them for me.

Is his beard black?  For now, the focus needs to be on getting his prolapse taken care of right now.  Let me know how he is doing & how the sugar bath did for him.  



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