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My bearded dragons anus is swollen and hes extremly sick .. what can I do to help him at home. And what may have caused this? Also could it be the meal worms ive been feeding him ?

Hi Lesa,

Is there pink tissue visible? If so it sounds like prolapse. That is when tissue that should be inside the body comes out. It can be either intestinal tissue or hemipenile tissue (for males).

It is really considered a veterinary emergency but there are a few things you can do to help the situation until he can be seen by a vet.

The tissue should not be allowed to dry out or be injured. Put your dragon on newspaper and rinse the tissue then coat the tissue with some kind of oil. Even cooking oil will work.

Prolapses can have many causes. Impaction from mealworms or substrate can be one of them. Pinworm infections can also result in a prolapse with bearded. Calcium deficiency is another cause.  


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