QUESTION: Can a snake be housed in a large reptibreeze? If so what species of snake?

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

What type of snake were you wanting to put in a reptibreeze type of enclosure?
I don't see the problem with that but it may make it a little hard to keep the humidity up when shedding.  
What type of heating are you going to use?
Ball pythons tend to like to climb, or corn snakes, too.  


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QUESTION: I'm going to use a basking daytime bulb. I have a large reptibreeze and a 20 gal tank(both setup) but I don't know which cages should I put the corn snake and ball python in. Should I put the ball python in the reptibreeze and cornsnake in the tank?

Hello Porsher,

Which snake is larger?  Ball pythons can get 4-5 feet in length & corn snakes can get at least 3 feet but some can get up to 6 feet.
I would place the ball python in the reptibreeze & the corn snake in the 20 gallon for now.
How old are they?



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