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Please, I found some eggs by my garden bed.. I've looked online, but can not find a clear difference between some turtle eggs and some snake eggs.. Could you please help me figure this out.. I'm a little worried if they are snakes cause my kids are always playing in that area. First of all, they're completely buried underground, I uncovered one of them while harvesting a sweet potato, (so do snakes bury their eggs?) I took it to see if I could see a fetus if I put it against a light but there was nothing that I could see. it is white, but has the lightest shade of pink. Now, what I'm a bit confused about is the shell.. cause I've had people ask me if it's leathery, but I'm not sure how to answer that..  To me it feels smooth and it seems like it's thinner than a bird egg, so it feels like I could crack it easier.. It does not squish in when a press on it lightly, so.. anyway I don't know if that helps, but please help me figure this out.. thank you so much. (I'll just bury the egg I found right where  found it until I figure it out) - oh and I wouldn't even move them if they're harmless snakes.. I would only transfer them if they are something to worry about.

Snake eggs are slightly squishy to the touch and snakes don't/can't really bury their eggs.  They will usually deposit them under/in something if possible.   I am not very familiar with turtle eggs but I do believe they are firm as you described these eggs.  And turtles do bury their eggs.  All FL pit vipers have live birth which leaves only coral snakes laying eggs.  Changes are there are harmless.  


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