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Can you tell me hat kind of make this is please thanks for your help!

The photos aren't very clear, so I can't be 100% certain, but looks like a corn snake.  A very pretty one. :)

Harmless rodent eaters that are one of the most commonly-kept pet snakes in the United States.  

(Don't keep a wild one as a pet, though - wild animals are full of parasites, and it may not be legal to collect them.  A captive bred baby that's already adapted to life in captivity and is healthy, can be purchased very inexpensively.  A wild snake would require veterinary care to rid it of parasites in order to survive in captivity, so it would wind up being MUCH more expensive than a captive bred animal).

Corn snakes come in a huge number of color morphs in captivity, and across their range in the US, they come in a wide range of locality colors and patterns, too.  That one has a very nice silvery color to it.


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