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QUESTION: I have a leopard gecko who is normally in great health but I have now noticed a lump near his eye. I am really unsure what to do about it. He is was in a 10 gallon tank, he doesn't eat live food since last month. He hasn't lost any weight, if anything he's gotten longer. The regular temp is  80-85 highs and lows is 70-75. There's always a heating pad and vitamin/calcium lick

ANSWER: Hello Jessica,

I do see the swelling there.  How long has it been present?
Previously before he stopped eating insects, could he have been bitten by a worm or cricket?
It is probably going to be an abscess or a type of cyst.  Is it hard or soft to the touch?
Have you tried to look in his mouth to see if it is swelling coming from inside of his mouth or is it all external & not bulging from inside of his mouth?

While I don't normally promote doing procedures at home, you could sterilize a sharp needle & try to lance/drain the area to determine if any fluids would come out.  If there were any fluids & they were clear then it would probably be a cyst with no infection.  If the fluids were yellow to indicate puss, etc then it would be an infection of some type.
Has his eye been affected from it yet?

If he has not been eating & continues not to eat you can consider getting some chicken or turkey baby food to feed to him, to help with nutrition.  I am glad to hear he hasn't lost any weight yet though.
Do you have a basking light for him too on the warmer end & a moist humid hide/cave for him?

Let me know how he is doing.

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QUESTION: I feel him dried/dead crickets/warms and vegetables. I only noticed this little spot yesterday. I have never tried to open his mouth so I'm unsure how to do that. He has 3 hides in his tank, today I will add a humid hide incase the one I have isn't doing it,  he eats great, catch him at night eating. I spray him with topical mist for shedding already. I'm not sure I would do the procedure on him myself.

Hello Jessica,  

It is not the easiest thing to do, opening his mouth that is!
You could try to set a vet visit up so that they could aspirate that area to be sure it isn't a festering infection from a bite, etc.
A humid hide will help with his shedding & other health issues he may be having.  Has he ever retained his eye caps at all?  
I am glad to hear he is eating well though.  Maybe try him back on live insects some too, for some protein balance.  
You could try getting some unpasteurized honey & diluting it slightly with water, to put on the area in case it is an infection.
He sure is a nice looking gecko though!
Let me know how he is doing.



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