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QUESTION: My friend brought her cat over with to my house so we talked and decided to make us something to eat. My reptiles roaming room has a dog gate that stops them from crossing when I have guests because their too aggressive towards strangers because they don't know their scent. So it was feeding time and they were sleeping under their hides so I sat the bowl of their favorite salmon mixed with frozen/thawed rats. Before they came out the cat jumped over the gate and tried to get their food but lizards smelled the cat and charged out the hide at him. My friends called me while I was at the store and told me my lizards was attacking her cat. I got home and the cat was in my lizards jaws and they were tugging at it so after I got the cat free finally the lizards went to go eat and laid in their heating mats. The cat was walking wayyy off and was laying down just breathing... Is the cat going to be okay? Why did my lizards act like that and I thoughts cats can kill reptiles?

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

Oh geez, I have never heard of that before.  
Your bearded dragons attacked the cat or what other type of lizards do you have again?
Cats & lizards definitely don't mix though, but apparently they were fighting over food.  
You have a tegu or a monitor, right?
How large is the cat?  

Hopefully the cat will be ok.  Is it injured pretty badly?
What a terrible freak accident, I am sorry that happened.  Let me know how things are going.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My adult savannah monitor and water monitor attacked the cat. He's a fairly big gray cat. The cat has to get stitches on its neck and abdominal area and my lizards has to get tests done just in case. I didn't expect this because they are always around my dogs with no problem.

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

I am so sorry!  I had forgotten you had larger lizards.  The monitors can be somewhat aggressive when there is food around or if they have to fight for it.  I guess maybe your cats looked like they were trying to get their food possibly?
I hope your cat will be ok.  

Let me know how everything is going!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for everything tracie your the best as always. The monitors are okay their both sleeping under the bed right now so I'm not gonna bother them so I lefted their cages open but my friends cat got stitches around the throat and abdominal area the vet said he's lucky to still be breathing.

Hello Porsher,

Well, that is great your friend's cat is going to be ok!  Poor cat, it sounds like it really needed a lot of stitches then.
I bet the cat wont go near them after this incident though.  
That is good your monitors are both doing well.  I wouldn't want to wake them up either!  
I hope everything gets back to normal for you.

Let me know how the cat is doing, also.



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