I have a leopard gecko. Today i  found a skink outside today. My kids want to keep it.  Can it be in the same terrariam as the gecko? thanks

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(The long explanation:  wild reptiles are wild.  They've never been in a cage environment, and it's hit or miss as to whether they can adapt.  They are always loaded with internal, and sometimes external, parasites, which must be eliminated, or they will build up through reinfection and kill the animal.  Unless you live in Pakistan, your leopard gecko and the skink do not come from the same environment, and have different environmental and temperature requirements.  They also have different disease resistances and gut bacteria.  Do not expose your captive-bred pet leopard gecko to a wild-caught skink.  If you have already done so, you will need to treat your gecko for parasites, as well as the skink.  You will also not be able to release the skink, because it has been in contact with a pet reptile, and may transmit bacteria or disease to wild skink populations.  It is illegal to capture and keep a wild skink in some States.  It is illegal to release a wild reptile that has been removed from where it was caught, in some States).

Please look into your local laws, identify the species of skink, and be prepared to open your wallet and go on a surprisingly expensive journey to do the right thing by this animal.


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