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I have three male iguanas and a female. They each have their own separate cages. My female is going through breeding season and everything I've read tells me that my males should be head bobbing more and even might be aggressive. However, that is not the case with mine. Each one is acting very lazy, just laying around, not eating or going potty. Is this normal? It's just so opposite of what I've read but I'm wondering if it's different because I have multiple males. Thank you...

Hello Gina,

That does seem odd!  Could their cycles just be off?  Perhaps the hormones of the males are lower now.  This is almost August so the breeding season is tapering down for the most part.
Have they not bobbed at all towards her?  
Iguanas normally don't brumate but can have a bit of a slow down phase after breeding season to recuperate on hormonal levels.  
Are you using UVB lights for all of them?

Do you have pictures also?



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