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Our male beardy is almost two.Last year he had pinworm.Recovered for the winter.Then this spring started similar behavior,not eating not basking.IHe had a stool sample turned up neg.for parasites.Uped his temps got new UVB.He does well when outside in the real sun,but that is not always possible.Now he is not even eating superworms,and closes his eyes and looks away.He does poop when he eats,bathes or outside.Overall he is not thriving and additional trips to the vet are not possible finacialally.What are we to do? I cant watch this creature starve!His tank is 40 gl 10.0 uvb and temps do range a great deal in our house but he is between 80-100 and seems do retreat from the hot side often.Hope for some help,this shouldn't be.Thanks

Hello Wendy,

Which UVB are you using, the Reptiglo 10 tube or the Reptisun 10 tube?  How close is the UVB light to him & are you using a bright white basking light also mounted directly beside his UVB?
Do you have any pictures of him & the tank?
What type of thermometer are you using, a digital probe or temp gun?  He needs a basking temp of a range of 95-105 or so, with a cooler end of around 78-82.
Since he isn't eating, I would recommend using some chicken or turkey baby food mixed with some squash or sweet potato baby food to help him out.  Mix a pinch of calcium in with his food, also.
Are you using calcium supplementation also?
Is he black bearding any right now?  
I know it's hard to always get them outside also.  Does it seem like he does better outside than in his tank?

Let me know how he is doing.



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