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Three weeks ago I had two crested geckos hatch at the same time. Almost a week ago only one hatched and the other egg was sinking ( should of hatched). Before throwing it out I dissected the egg and found a full term gecko inside right now. It doesn't look alive :( do you think it would of hatched if I left it alone? Not sure what to do with it now? I tried to put it back in the egg and in the incubator. What happened to the gecko? Why did it not hatch, it looks perfect :(

Hello Marta,

That is too bad, very sad indeed.  
One hatched & the other one didn't?
Were the geckos inbred?  Sometimes an embryo just has genetic issues from the start & just doesn't hatch out.
If it hadn't hatched out by then it most likely wasn't going to.
Have you seen any changes in the egg after putting it back into the incubator?

What were the temperatures & humidity in the incubator?

I am sorry that the one didn't make it.  How is the other one doing, do you have any pictures?



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