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QUESTION: Hello Tracie. I have a frilled dragon around 2 years old and he has metabolic bone disease he can still climb and move around so the disease might not be that advaced. But he has a bump where his tail begins and seems like his getting one on his back bone. I would like to know how can i treat him and what i can do for him .... I bought him a Uvb light and he now seems to go under it and seems little bit more active than before. I feed him with calcium and vitamins anything else i can feed him or do?

ANSWER: Hello Oliver,

Wow that is too bad he has metabolic bone disease.  
Which UVB light did you buy for him, what type & brand is it?  How close can he get to it & do you have a bright white basking light beside the UVB?
How often do you use the calcium for him, daily right now?  
You may want to consider getting a liquid calcium for better absorption for his calcium for awhile.  
What foods do you feed him?
If you have any pictures, you can post some of him too.  Frilled dragons are so beautiful.  :-)


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Lightning and food
Lightning and food  

QUESTION: I bought him a reptile uvb 100 from exo terra, feed him with calcium during week (not everyday) and weekends with multivitamins (ill upload some pics) he gets around  5-7 inches below his uvb light and yes i put him a bright bulb that heats for like basking, and during night i switch one bulb to a normal red bulb, i feed him crickets and some rouches that i find around the house (i feed the crickets with flucker high calcium cricket diet)

Hello Oliver,

Thanks for the pictures.  :-)
Great, you purchased the Solar Glo MVB 100 watt light?  That one will be good.  It looks like it is around 8-12 inches or so from him?
So how much total wattage for lighting do you have for him?  
What are the temperatures in his tank?  What are the temperatures for him & do you use either a digital probe or temp gun?

The crickets are good especially if they are well fed & gut loaded.  
Continue giving daily calcium for him on his feeders to help with his bones.  It sounds like he does have some metabolic bone issues starting with a lump on the base of his tail.  Can he get around normally & climb, etc too?

Let me know how he is doing.



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