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Hind Leg
Hind Leg  

Front Leg
Front Leg  
Dear Tracie,

Greetings from India. I have been following your posts on various forums on bearded dragons and need your help in treating a rescued bearded dragon. He has swellings on his front foot, hind foot and his right knee is swollen, along with a lump on his tail as well.

We have no reptile vets in my vicitinity and I will need to administer the dosages to the beardie myself. I understand that along with oral fluids administration, I will need to use a combination of Allopurinol and cranberry juice dilution to help him recover. I will be heading to a local vet to gather blood reports and an X ray to rule out any possibilities of MBD as well.

I have attached pictures as well. Request you to please send me some information that can help. My email address is  

Hello Atul,

Thanks for your inquiry.  Let me know how the vet visit goes & you can send me pictures of his x-rays or blood tests to my email when you have them.
That is definitely a case of gout.  How long have you had him now, since you rescued him?
What type & brand of UVB light do you have, is it a compact/coil light or a tube bulb?
Are you using calcium supplementation for him, in the form of liquid instead?  It would be easier for him to absorb than the powder would.  
The regime would be Allopurinol & black cherry juice concentrate.  Just let me know what milligram tablets you have or are getting & I will help with compounding & dosing for you.  
Can you get some light Karo syrup too for mixing it into a solution?

Is he willingly eating greens also for you?  
Try to give 4-6mls of oral fluids into him daily if you can or at least try to work up to that if you can.  That will help out his kidneys right now.

Let me know how he is doing.



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