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I was wondering if I could cover the sides of my tank at night so it dims the light
Also even when fed my dragon eats his dropping in his water or tank.
Thanks, I'm in no rush

Hi Devon,

Your CWD needs a regular photo period. "Photo period" refers to the times of light and darkness that he is exposed to. Most keepers use a 12 hours lights on and 12 hours lights off schedule. Regular periods of darkness are important to regulate sleep patterns and other behaviours.

I was not clear from your question whether you may be under the impression that the lights/heat need to be on all the time.

If your lights come on at 8am (use a timer to make it easier to regulate) then they can be shut off at 7 or 8 pm. If you need to block the light coming from the tank before the lights are shut off then covering the sides is fine.

CWDs should have a night time temperature in the mid 70'sF which is just slightly above average room temperature. If the ambient room temperature is well below that you may need to  provide some night time heat either in the form of an under tank heat pad, red bulb or ceramic heat emitter which gives off heat only, no light.

Eating stool is called coprophagy and several species of herbivorous reptiles do it when they are young. The theory is that is establishes normal intestinal bacteria and may provide essential nutrients.

Adult and sub adult CWD's are also known to engage in coprophagy. It has been the subject of several forum threads over the years with a number of owners having observed similar behaviour in their CWDs. I have never come across a  compelling scientific explanation for it with this species although it may be something similar to the herbivorous reptiles.  


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