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I have been considering getting a Chinese water dragon, and the people at the local pet store say that it should be safe in an aquarium from my other pets, but they could not answer if the other pets would be safe for the water dragons mental well being.  I have several cats and a VERY large, loud dog that also live in my house.  Keeping the CWD away from my pets would not be an issue, but I would not want the cats, or dog to poorly affect the mental health of the CWD.  Would pets peeping into his cage and talking to him cause the CWD a lot of unhealthy anxiety?  Or would he be okay (so long as the kitties cannot get into him?)

Hello Heather,

Chinese water dragons are extremely sensitive to loud noises.  
They would not do well being in high traffic areas most of the time.
The cats especially would be very interested in the lizard, so you would need to be sure that the tank is secured so the cats wouldn't get to her.
If your dogs are not always barking that may be ok.  Remember, animals that are much larger can stress them out causing her to retreat & hide for the majority of the day.  
Your dog barks a lot then?  If so, I would try to keep the tank a good ways from where your dog is to help reduce the stress for your water dragon.
How old is the dragon you are considering?

Let me know what you decide to do.



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