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QUESTION: My male has a lump near his right eye. Its touching his eye but inbetween his nose and eye. Looks slightly pinkish in color. He is still eating and normal activity. He is housed solo in a large tank. moist hide and a normal hide. Also paper towel rolls that my geckos like to sleep in. He eats a variety of mealworms and crickets with waxworms on holidays. Tank temps are 87 on warm side with a heat mat and room temp on the cooler side.

Last time I took one of my guys to the vet 3 years ago the vet told me smaller reptiles are hard to cure since most people do not put the time in to treat them or the money. The vet tried several types of medication over a 2 month span and put him down at the end.

This lump started smaller about 8 weeks ago. I travel alot so family watched them for the last month and its grown a good deal. He does lick it.

Thank you for your time

ANSWER: Hello Tiffany,

Poor Cassie, that probably is bothering him some.  How old is he?
Could he have gotten bitten by a cricket possibly?  Do you leave crickets in the tank for long periods of time?
It looks like an abscess.  Is it hard or soft to the touch?  
You could try getting some unpasteurized honey to put on it to help with inflammation & or infection.  The color indicates infection of some type.  
When you use the honey, you can place it directly on the area.  Be sure that there aren't any insects in his tank as they would be drawn to the honey on that area.

Your set up sounds fine, also.  What type of basking or heating bulb do you use on the warm side?  You could maybe bump up the temperatures to 88-90 on the warm side to help boost his immune system right now.

Let me know how he is doing.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He is 6 years old now. You helped me with my male camie a few years ago.. The vets ended up putting him down after a few months struggle. You are so amazing for all of your help.

How often should I put the honey on him? I do not think its a bite. Hes not the best with catching crickets one eye has been scared looking since he was a baby so I hand feed crickets and he eats worms from a bowl.

Its tough to the touch. He did have shedding in that eye that we had a rough time getting out could that have caused this?

I will get his heat boosted.. Not certain on the bulb I just buy them from the shop basking ones..

Thank you again I just hate how the vets loaded my last one on meds... I dont want to watch that again if there are any better options.

Hello Tiffany,

I am so sorry that you lost your other gecko.  It is sad that so few vets place importance on the smaller end of the reptile species.  I wish that I could have helped more.
You can put honey on it & it will dry & turn brown likely from the oxidation from the air.  So just leave it for awhile as it should penetrate the skin some.  If you would like, you can send me pictures every few days so I can see what it is looking like & when to rinse the honey off & apply more.  
Sure, you don't need to boost it much, just a little bit.  That can help his immune system functioning more optimally.  
Reptiles don't always respond very positively to conventional drugs.  They tend to do better on alternative & herbal type of treatments I have found.
Can you get any baby food such as chicken or turkey baby food to help him out with his eating?  Or if the hand feeding is going well, that is perfectly fine as well!  :-)

Let me know how he is doing.


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