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QUESTION: Hi, I have a female leopard gecko and she is 4 months old.
I just got her a day ago. I'm just worried for her because she is in   her reptile cage all day,just sometimes she leaves the cave for some minutes.Thank you for answering.

ANSWER: Hello Prof_Hubert,

What type of setup do you have for your leopard gecko?  Please review your temperatures, heating, substrate, etc with me.  

Since you just got her, it may take her a couple of weeks to acclimate to her new home.  
Have you tried handling her yet?

What foods are you going to offer her?

If you have any pictures, you can post a couple for me to see.



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The second picture
The second picture  
The whole terrarium
The whole terrarium  
QUESTION: Hello again!
i didn't hold her yet, because I'm really scared that she will drop her tail :/

But yes, I was petting her(touching her head,body with my finger) and i think she liked it.Becouse of that, I think that she is not that scared anymore.

Her temperature is on 1 side of terrarium 30C and on the other 25C.

I'm giving her meal worms (2 on a day).
I putted them in a small pot with some Calcium in it. She didn't really touched them, so i needed to put them in front of her cave, so she grabbed them.

She has 2 hiding places.
(I just made one some hours ago)

Now here I have 1 more question:

2.How to feed her with calcium and vitamins? Do I put them in a small pot or on the ground?

Thank you very much for the answer.

Prof_Hubert   ... and Megalonia(My gecko)...

ANSWER: Hello Prof_Hubert,

That is great she seems to like being petted so far.  I think pretty soon you can try holding her.  She shouldn't drop her tail unless she is suddenly startled.  Go slow with her & she will be fine!
The temperatures are fine, you can even go to 33C or so but the cooler end is fine at 25.
Do you have a warm moist hid for her on the warm end to help with humidity for shedding aid?

You can dust the feeders/insects with the calcium each time you feed her & she should eat them like that.  They usually like to hunt or chase their food.  
You can also leave a small dish of calcium in the tank, too for her to lick when she wants to.  They are instinctive & will take it in when they need it.  The vitamins are really only needed weekly, but the calcium is needed at least 4 times per week.
What do you have lining the bottom of the tank, carpet or non adhesive shelf liner?

Let me know how she is doing!  Megalonia is a great name.  :-)  
Do you have pictures of her?


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QUESTION: Hi! I don't have the worm moist yet, but ill put it somewhere soon.Any suggestions where could I put it?
On the bottom of the terrarium is black carpet, and then I have bathroom panels, so the closet is not really hot. :D

She is still in the cave a lot, but i saw her today going on short adventure 2-3 times. And when I look at the footprints,there is so many(she has walk every night).

I will give you her picture as soon as i can, probably  next time.

Well... Can you describe me or tell me the steps(how to mate her and hold hr and stuff), because I don't really want to hurt her or something.


Hello Prof_Hubert,

The pictures look great.         
I think she should be happy in there.  Do you turn her light out at night & leave on an undertank heater for warmth?  
That is good she is getting out & about more now, exploring, etc.  Did she eat today?

You will need to put a warm moist hide on the warmer end, so that it helps release humidity to help her shed.    
You could move the light over a little further to one end so that there is more of a definite hot & cooler area.
Are you wanting to sex her?
When you hold her, just be mindful of her tail & don't make any sudden movements.

Let me know how she is doing.



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