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Reptiles/vitamin overdose in gecko


I have overdosed my 200 gm leopard gecko with a multivitamin supplement. It was the first time I fed him with it. The supplement contained ca, d3, B comple, folinic acid, acidifying agents etc. Now the gecko z stiff standing continuouly for 20 hours.  Not moving at all. Not eating or drinking. Standing still on all fours. Only their eyes are moving.  Please advise me about the case.  What can I do to help it. Waiting anxiously for your reply.

Hello Sadaf,

I am sorry to hear about the overdosing!  What was the brand of vitamin?
How much did you give him?
That is one large gecko, do you have a picture of him?

There isn't a lot you can do but wait.  There is an activated charcoal powder you could try to find at a local drug/pharmacy type of store to give to him to try & flush it out of his system more quickly.
He isn't really moving at all?  
You can try getting a plastic dropper or syringe to see if you can get any fluids into his mouth, gently.

Let me know how he is doing.



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