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Hi Tracie, I have been writing to you about Sam my beRdie and did not get reply via email, but noticed you did reply on this forum. Thanks very much, I will keep checking this. Sam refused to eat today and the vet decided to change his medication to azithromycin .44 mg/ml oil sus. Given once every two days for 14 days. I just started him with 1/2 the doze two hours ago and will try giving the rest shortly as he is so tiny and fights me, which I am sure stresses him out. He will not eat and has been trying to poop so hard it looks like his bowel is coming out. I gently pushed it back in and have bathed him twice. He's holding at the moment. My question is do I continue with the lactulose as well as the antibiotics? Should I up the dose of lactulose from a drop, then .1 of a drop to a little more. I have ordered the ReptiSun tube lighting and am waiting for it to come in. My hubby is brining baby food chicken broth and apple sauce and pumpkin home in a few minutes. Should I rub sugar paste on vent or ky jelly to keep area moist or leave it and keep an eye? I read sugar paste can take down the swelling? Thanks so much for your help. I cannot bear to loose another beloved baby.

Hello Valerie,

Which email did you use to email me?  
Did you also go onto too?  Let me know & I can check your topic there again, also.
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You can use KY jelly or some vaseline on the prolapsed area too so it stays moist if there is an area prolapsed out.  You can bathe in a cool sugar water bath also, to help bring down swelling too.  
You can continue with a small dose of lactulose along with the applesauce, pumpkin & chicken babyfood broth, etc.  
I am glad that you have the Reptisun 10 tube coming to you now.  Be sure to mount it at a 6-8 inch distance alongside the basking light.  
How old is Sam?

Let me know how he is doing.


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