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Hi, I'm currently the owner of 4 leopard geckos. I had 13, that's right, 13 given to me. A lot had health issues. I sold off the rest that were healthy and even gave some to a vet help who helped them and kept them(thank goodness) but sadly we have NO vets in my area who will take reptiles. NONE. The closest is 5 hours away. So I have a beautiful little girl right now who was a great eater and was doing well, then all the sudden she now hasn't wanted to eat in a few weeks so I've force fed her. Her ears are large, open and red almost raw looking or something and she seems to have brown spots by her mouth. She didn't have this when I first got her and I have just recently noticed it within the last few days. She's gotten extremely skinny (went from 35g to 27!!!) In only a few weeks even with the force feeding. I don't want to keep her in pain I don't know what I should do!

Thank you!

Hello MaKayla,

Wow that is terrible!  I am sorry to hear of your girl having so much trouble.
Do you have any pictures of her?
What type of set up do you have for her, are you using sand or a loose substrate for her?
My first thoughts are either a fungal type of issue, or an aggressive type of skin infection like staff, etc.
Is she housed by herself right now?
Can you get some raw unpasteurized honey to put on those raw areas to help?  You can dilute it slightly until it is thinned out a bit but it is very good for help with infections & abrasions, etc.
What type of insects or bugs were you giving her previously & where did you get them from?

Let me know how she is doing.


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