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I have a baby Yellow Bellied Slider. He had an eye infection 10 days  ago and has just completed treatment today. I noticed this morning when i moved him to his feeding tank that he was floating and swimming sideways (with the left side elevated). I attempted to feed him this evening as normal but he did not eat anything. He swam around and surfaced several times for air. I have NOT heard any difficult or weird breathing sound and I do NOT notice any other signs that an infection is present. I change out about 1/3 of his water daily (and use de-cholorinator) and constantly monitor the temperature of the tank.  I am very concerned about him floating and swimming with his body tilted sideways. Please HELP!!!!

Thank you,

Concerned Turtle Mom


I'm so sorry I didn't see this question sooner. I'm in the middle of moving, and I didn't have internet access for the past week.

It is very difficult to know what might be causing the unilateral movement and swimming. It is most likely a neurological problem that could have been from the infection, or from the antibiotic treatment. A veterinarian would might be able to diagnose the specific cause, but with a small turtle, the diagnostic options are limited.

I hope your baby is doing better, and that the situation resolved itself. I"m sorry I cannot be of more help.

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