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My tortoise has a soft shell. It is soft on the bottom of the shell. I know it needs calcium and i thought lettace and romane had calcium in it. Could you please tell me what I need to feed it. the type of tortoise is sulcata. Please answer soon!

Hello Ashton,

How large is your sulcata tortoise, do you have any pictures of it?
Feeding just leafy greens wont be enough to maintain the shell & calcium levels, unfortunately.
What other greens & foods do you feed?
You can use regular calcium powder on her greens & any other foods you use.  You should be able to find a regular calcium powder at most petstores.  
Are you using a UVB light also?  If not, it is highly recommended to use one.  The best two tube bulbs are either the Reptisun 10 or the Arcadia D3 12% that use a regular T8 light fixture.
There are also High Output tube bulbs by both brands too that are T5 light fixtures you could consider that are more intense.



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