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QUESTION: My leopard gecko recently tried superworms for the first time and ate them fine for about 2 days them suddenly stopped showing interest and hasnt ate in 3 days ive been feeding him jump start caloric supplement and appetite stimulate he will chase crickets or worms but never eats them he has lost weight and im getting  really worried but he is drinking water fine and his bowls are daily and normal please help me he is my baby

ANSWER: Hello Joleen,

How large were the superworms, small or larger ones?
It is possible that he has gotten impacted a little bit from them if they were too large.  
The jumpstart is a good product, so you can continue to use that.  
If he is losing weight you can try getting some chicken, turkey or beef baby food to feed him.  Use a plastic dropper or syringe to drip the food onto his nose.  He is going to the bathroom daily also?  In the case he is a little impacted, you can add a little bit of sweet potato baby food or sugar free applesauce along with a drop or olive or coconut oil to his chicken, turkey or beef baby food to help out also.  
What type of substrate are you using, sand, carpet or paper towels?
Do you have an under tank heater too for warmth to help with digesting?

Let me know how he is doing.  If you have a picture of him you can post it here also.


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his tail looks thinner
his tail looks thinner  
QUESTION: Thank you for the quick response. The superworms are larger, but not wider than the space between his eyes,they are about an inch and a half long though. He has had normal stools everyday. I got him to eat a worm this morning by chopping it up,and letting him lick it off of my finger. He has carpet I take out and wash weekly,he has been out of his hide all day which is not normal for him. I'm  worried about him having stick tail, but he hasn't had any loose stools. I have an ultraviolet light that stays on 24/7 I do not have an under tank heater though,the temperature stays right at 88 on the warm side, and 85 on the cool side. But the humidity  has been high today because it rained, the humidity is 60 percent, so im afraid he might be having trouble breathing. His belly was more pink than usual,but then he soaked in his water dish and it went back to normal. He has also been drinking alot, but I think the jump start makes him thirsty.

ANSWER: Hello Joleen,

He is very pretty!  :-)
I would try turning the UVB Light off for a cycle of daytime & nighttime for him, plus it can be hard on his eyes too at night, without any brightness in the room.
Try getting an undertank heater or a heating pad set on LOW.  Underbelly heating would be extremely helpful for digestion.  It sounds like he probably hasn't digested the worms fully.
The high humidity might be affecting him too so a little heater would help a lot for him.  During the day you could use a low wattage basking light or a ceramic heat emitter if the room is bright enough.  What type of thermometer do you use to measure the temperatures with?
If his belly is pinkish he may be getting ready to shed possibly & that will affect his appetite, too.
How old is he?


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his belly
his belly  
QUESTION: Thank you I think he is very pretty as well. I will definitely look  into  heating pads and under tank heaters. I use a zoo med Thermometer and humidity gauge, he is around 4-7 months old, I'm not 100 percent sure though, I got him from backwater reptiles in early September. He is six and a half inches long now,and was 4 inches when I got him.

Hello Joleen,

I didn't see this notification in my inbox, so must have missed it.
He will grow more since he is under 1 year.  Some can reach up to 8-10 inches depending on the genetics, too.  I have heard of the Backwater reptiles before, online.
It is so cool how you can kind of see through their belly like that.  

I will check your other messages now.  Let me know how the setup is going.



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