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Please help we noticed our female leopard gecko had a swollen eye 2 days ago. We have tried changing the sand, but this has done nothing. She has just started shedding again but it's still there. She has stopped eating also. We don't know what to do for her.

Hello Jo,

What substrate did you put her on now when you took the sand out?
What are the temperatures in the tank for her, are you using an undertank heater along with a moist cave/hide to help with shedding?
Many times with eyes, they tend to retain the eye caps which cause marked swelling & bacterial infections.  Can you tell whether or not she retained an eye cap possibly?
At the moment, I would try getting some sterile saline solution to help flush the eye out daily.  There is an antibiotic eye ointment you may be able to find at a local feed type store like Tractor Supply or Farm/Pet AG, etc.  It looks like it may be infected somewhat.
Are you giving calcium & vitamins regularly too?
If she isn't eating & is losing some weight, you can also get some chicken, turkey or beef baby food to feed to her to give some nutrition.  Be sure to use a plastic dropper or syringe & drip it onto the end of her nose to see if she will lick some of that off.  They usually love the flavor so hopefully she will take that for you.
Were her stools normal, as well?  

Let me know how she is doing.  I sell the terramycin on my online reptile store, too.  If you cannot find it locally in a store, let me know.



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