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I have a 6 month old bearded dragon his tank had ALL the requirements it's suppose to have and at this current moment the overall temp. To the tank is 95 degrees. For the first month that I had him I was feeding him once in the morning meal worms and medium sized crickets about 20 of them. He ate normally and his bowl movements are normal as well. My concern is that first month he had the reptile carpet in place and just two days ago I changed his "enviornment" to reptile sand petco brand. The first day I had made this changed he had already ate his daily routine of food. He was curious about the sand as expected and went around licking it and consumed a bit I would think. Now he went all day yesterday not eating any of his food he even started a new way of sleeping (he normally sleeps on his rock). I found him this morning legs and arms burried in the sand and laid out flat. I went to attempt feed him again this morning and still nothing he went straight to his rock. Should I be worried about anything being that he isn't eating? Was the sand a bad idea?

Hello Yisel,

Sorry you are having trouble with your dragon. The sand you purchased is likely calcium based which in many instances will cause impaction especially in small dragons. I highly recommend removing the sand and replacing it with your carpet, tile or non-adhasive shelf liner. For now I would stop feeding meal worms and just feed crickets. You can also get some sugar-free apple sauce and canned pumpkin with a drop or two of olive oil or coconut oil mixed together given daily to help if he is impacted. That should help within one to two days along with a nice warm bath. Also please review your tank setup such as the type and brand of UVB light you are using. Are you using a digital probe or a temp gun to check his temperatures or are you using a stick on type? Let me know how he is doing.


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