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QUESTION: I have a Bearded Dragon I bought 2 weeks ago he's a one year old and he was living on sand and had the wrong uvb bulb but when I received atticus I changed his tank to tile floor and a new 10.0 uvb bulb and not the uv coiled bulb they were using which sometudes causing eye problems and so does the sand but his eye is still droopy and gets somewhat crusty but it has gotten a little better but was wondering what I could do to make it clear up and not be droopy and get thay eye back to its color and no droopy bag under it cam I use eye drops of some sort?

ANSWER: Hello Austin,

That is too bad, those compact/coil lights really do a number on them.  
What you could do is turn his Reptisun 10 tube bulb off for a few days to a week, just to help let it finish healing since he was exposed to that bad bulb for awhile.  Then turn it back on when it is more cleared up.  Are you using a bright white basking light for him too?
It needs to be mounted directly beside or alongside of the tube UVB light for a maximum overall basking affect.
You can get some sterile saline solution to put in his eye daily.  Does it look infected at all?
Is he eating or able to see his food for the most part?  I sell an eye antibiotic ointment called Terramycin on my online website.  You can look for it also at Tractor supply or Ag mart, sometimes they carry it, too.
What are his temperatures in the tank?  I am glad you are using tile & not sand, as they are much easier to keep clean.
Do you have any pictures of his eye area I could see?

Let me know how he is doing.


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QUESTION: His hot side is usually 106-112 and cold side is usually 85-86 and he seems to see his food just fine and is always alert and active today it looks clearer and doesn't have much of the gel substance in it but he keeps it open very well. I will try turning off his uvb bulb for a week and see if it clears up and if not I will try some sterile saline solution.I will keep you updated thanks alot.

Hello Austin,

Sure, I hope that helps with getting it cleared up.  Those lights are so hard on them, I wish that they would stop making them altogether!
Let me know how he is doing.  
Those temperatures are pretty good, as long as you are using a digital probe or temp gun to measure them with.

Let me know if you need anything.



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