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my yellow bellies
my yellow bellies  
I have a question about Yellow Belly Turtles. I have had a yellow belly for about 5 months now. We have had it in a box with dirt and water. Now, we have transferred to a much bigger surface, a 10 gallon tank. He really likes it, he's got so much more room. But, I seen he's been so lonely so I went out and got him a friend from the pet store, (another yellow belly.) I've only had the other yellow belly for a couple of hours and he seems quite unusual. Can you give me some tips of ALL I need to know about yellow belly turtles and why the other one is acting like this?

Hello Haylee,

They are so nice looking!  They look to be roughly the same size then?
If they are both males, then you may have some trouble in a small tank if they don't have enough room to get away from each other.
If you had a large tank, they could probably co-exist pretty well, but not in a smaller area.
What type of behavior is the other one exhibiting?  Is he acting aggressive towards the one you have had longer?
What type of basking & UVB do you have set up for them?  Do they each have their own basking area?
They do need a good full spectrum UVB light & a basking spot with a temperature of 90-95F & a cooler area/end with a range of 75-80F or so.  A water pond needs to be present also & the water temperature of that should be roughly 72-80F too.
Some good UVB lights are either the Reptisun 10 tube bulb or the Arcadia D3 12% tube bulb.  You can also consider a Powersun mercury vapor bulb or a Solar Glo mercury vapor bulb.  Either one of those bulbs emit heat along with UVB.   
What foods are you feeding?
They will also need calcium supplementation several times per week, too.  Do you already have calcium powder for them?

Let me know how they are doing.  :-)



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