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Hi helo..
Is there any way to stop a beardie from glass surfing? Ive spent many hours looking for answers on the net... And have done everything to be done or look out for. Its a very healthy and active 8 year old male. it was kept in a breeder viv for most of his life by the previous owner, so he is a bit small for his age. He eats well with good toilet habits. He will bask for the first three hours, but after that he goes crazy! He does glass surf when he needs to defecate, that I've noticed, but other than surfing for that reason I don't see anything else that is wrong for him to do it for such a long time. He gets plenty of time outside his viv, and I'm starting to think he could just be spoiled? Or it could be his bigger enclosure that's about 120 gallons. Is there need to worry? And or must I just learn to accept that he does this? I feel so sorry for him when he does this, but knows he needs the uvb/uva and letting him out more than we currently doing is going to harm him more..... Any advice will be appreciated.

Hello Duane,

Glass surfing is quite normal for a lot of them.  How long will he surf for & how long do you let him roam around out of his tank?  How many hours, on average, does he get UVB exposure for typically?
I understand the feeling, they can & do get quite spoiled!  One thing you could do if you do let him stay out for a couple of hours, you could set up a basking light on a stand for him.  So when he is out, he can get under that & warm up.  
I think the 120 gallon tank is great, he should absolutely love all of the room, too.  There is nothing wrong with getting him out a couple of times a day to let him run around & socialize.  Maybe space it out, get him out once in the morning & then once later in the day, or midday, whichever works best for your schedule.  
That is wonderful he is doing so well, at 8, too.  

Do you have pictures of his large tank as well as one of him, too?



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