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QUESTION: Hi hello. I've got a 8 year old bearded dragon that's developed a lump on the front tip of his snout. First I thought that mbd was the cause.... But with the history of the dragon I'm starting to think it could be to much calcium rather than to little? Is it possible? For most of his life he hasn't had much calcium supplemented and no uvb light. This lump formed while getting more calcium and uvb. It is a hard spot right on the tip just under the lip of the bottom jaw. Its like the big scale is "growing"? Don't know what it could be. Thanks for any help. And thanks for the previous questions I had that was nicely answered. Im just sorry I could not thank you. I don't know where. But thanks alot

ANSWER: Hello Duane,

You are welcome, I am glad that I could help out.  :-)

Are you referring to the chin cap area on his lower jaw area?
Are you sure it isn't getting thick & ready to shed?  I hope it isn't a bump there but it doesn't look too bad at the moment.  He doesn't rub his snout on the side of his tank a lot does he?
They can get too much calcium sometimes, but that's usually pretty difficult to do.  Which UVB light are you using now & how often do you give him calcium?

How is he doing?  I hope he is feeling better.  Is he eating better too?  
He is a great looking dragon at 8.  
Let me know how he is doing.  If that area doesn't seem to get any larger, I think it's going to end up being his chin cap going to shed soon.  It has the tendency to get very thick & can really stick out from the jaw/chin area, too.


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QUESTION: Yes that is the area I'm referring to. Im hoping its just shedding. But its been there since I got him. He had a wound just above that area which I treated with chlorhexidine solution and Mupirocin. The wound has healed completely. I only noticed the "bump" after the wound had healed because it was swollen a little. The wound he got from repeated bumping on the edge of glass in his old tank. (not while he was with me). He doesn't snout rub at all, but does bump his nose against the glass allot. I thought that it could be scar tissue? But not sure as the lump changes in size. It goes down sometimes, but then looks worse after a few days.
I use a zoomed-reptisun 10.0 and give him about 5 crickets everyday dusted in calcium. His previous owner taught him to lick calcium of a rock which he also still does. The only problem is that he wont touch his veggies. I have tried lots and lots of types and I have tried everything except taking away his "bugs" for him to eat them but without good result He gets all his live food gut loaded with the vegies he was supposed to eat during the day. he hasn't eaten much since I got him... a problem I know... The previous owner also said he doesn't eat much. As far as the shedding is concerned, he has shed 3 times in the last three months, and was told by some "expert" on a different site that's its normal for an old dragon to start shedding more when taken from a small viv to a bigger one and having more to eat.... I will let you know how it turns out. other than this snout issue he has,he is very active, alert passes stool often and seems to be happy!

Hello Duane,

How long have you had him, 3 months or longer?
Well, as far as him shedding more when going to a larger tank, I am not sure just how true that is.  However, if he was stunted a little bit, then it is possible he could fill out a bit more which would justify the reason as to why he could shed more often perhaps.  
It could be scar tissue.  If it seems to change or look different from time to time, then it could be an inflamed scale underneath possibly from rubbing his nose on his tank previously.  It can pose a real problem with repeated bumping of their snouts.  
I would continue the novalsan daily along with the mupirocin ointment.  Does that seem to be helping at all?  You could also try some unpasteurized honey on it which is very helpful in helping heal up wounds & preventing infection.  Be sure it is a raw & unpasteurized honey like Manuka honey with a healing factor in it.
You could try putting in some pieces of fruit or veggies mixed in with his greens, along with a few worms spread out through the greens to see if that entices him.  So many adults don't eat their greens like they should.   
Keep trying with the greens & hopefully he will start eating them eventually.  You can try hand feeding some to him to see if he likes that.  At least he is seemingly healthy overall & is happy too.
The Reptisun 10, is that a long fluorescent tube bulb you are using?  

Let me know how he is doing.


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