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I have a 6 year old female Kenyan Sand Boa who I bred for the first time back in June (6 months gestation). She has gotten fat and I would check her cage everyday. Today, I found one single baby in her cage who is already dry and seems like it is several hours old. My female still looks very fat and feels pregnant still. She is active and appears to be in good health. The baby came out albino, which is weird because both mom and dad are normal morphs. The baby seems healthy and fat as well. My question would be is it normal for a first time female to only have one baby? And why would my female still look and feel like she's gravid? Should I take her to an exotic vet? Thank you!!

W/o having the snake in front of me I wouldn't even want to venture a guess as to whether or not all the babies are out.  I would say this, if you are still concerned after 24 hours make the call to the vet.  It's possible she has only one but she is still really large.  Typically females look "deflated" after birth so I too share your concern.  

As to the albino baby, mom has a normal gene and an albino one-dad same thing, so each baby has a 25% chance of getting an albino gene from each parent and coming out albino.


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