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Live in Piedmont of NC on lake. Found this young snake on my carport. Killed him. About week later found one just like it in my house just beside the patio door not far from where the outside snake was. So what kind you think is & is it poisonous? Obviously they were born nearby to be 2 of them. Please give me any info u can on how to rid of them  thank you

Hello Diane,

That is a pretty snake though.  
I have never seen this snake before.  Are the eyes round or slanted?
If it has elliptical eyes or slits like cat eyes it is venomous.  If the eyes are round then it is non venomous.
I couldn't find anything on searching that met that criteria other than maybe a Timber rattlesnake that does have a black morph I saw.
I would call the wildlife rescue to see if they can get someone out to help check your area in case there could be an influx of them hatching, etc.  You definitely don't want your house full of them!

Let me know if you are able to get someone out to try & help round them up.  



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