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Hi my bearded dragon just fell off my table to the floor (about 3 feet height) after he freaked out. After i was able to calm him down i was able to check him and it seems there are no external lesions or fractured bones but i do notice he is breathing rather weirdly. When he exhales it sounds like little hisses. I dont know if its simply the beardie breathing fast from the scare he got or if there is something wrong? I am very worried. He is a male adult of 20" long.

Hello Andres,

Did he fall on hard wood floors or a carpeted floor?  Did he land on his head/nose area or on all fours or his back?
Poor guy, things do happen quickly!
It is likely that he is stressed & was scared so try to keep him calm for now.  If he has a black beard he may be in pain or distress.
I would maybe consider lowering his basking spot in case he is sore or injured for now.  Be sure to adjust the lights accordingly, too.
Watch for a reduced appetite, lethargic behavior, dark tail tip, inability to hold his tail up & being apprehensive to move as much as normal or climb.

Let me know how he is doing.


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