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Hi! I just moved into my grandmas basement and I have 2 bearded dragons. One adult and one juvenile. My cousin has a drumset that she plays down in the basement. I was wondering if this would negatively affect them? She has her own  room right next to mine and she closes the door so they aren't in the same room but I am worried about how the vibrations will affect them as well as the sound.


Thank you for you question. I wouldn't worry about the vibration or the sounds of the drums in the next room. Both of my beardies live in my living room and there is lots of commotion in that room. The most important thing about having 2 beardies is that they not live in the same enclosure. Beardies are solitary creatures in the wild and when you have 2 living together, one will bully and stress the other. Eventually they will fight and the smaller dragon could easily be killed. It's one of the biggest, most common  mistakes bearded dragon owners make and one of the biggest causes of death in captive dragons.

It sounds like you're a great reptile mom. If you have any other questions, feel free to send them.

All the best


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