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Hello, I have a male Mediterranean house gecko, he is in the same tank as a female, he's lost a lost of weight to the point I can see his back bone I feed the both regularly and there is no problem with the female, the male has lost weight and also lost a lot of his colour, he seems to be lacking in energy and sheds a lot of skin I remove the the skin what has come off out of the tank, it's starting to worry me that he is dying, is there any advice you could give me? Many thanks.


I am sorry to hear that your gecko is ill. It is difficult for me to advise you specifically because I don't know the particulars of his caging, temperature, lighting, humidity, diet or supplementation. How old is your gecko? Is he eating? Is it possible that the female is being aggressive and not allowing him to eat?
If you can provide me with all the the information about their living conditions, I might be more able to help you answer your question.



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