Best way to diet a female leo? I spent two months away from home and now my already big girl have gotten huge. I have changed her diet to only crickets since they have less fat and only eating 4 twice a week. She still seems to be gaining. She even has fat deposits around her neck. Shes always been large so im not sure if its possible to have a metabolism issue? I have had 4 leos for about 8 years and never weight problems before.

Hello Tiffany,

Wow, how old is she?  Do you have pictures of her?
What were you feeding her previously & what type of foods were they feeding her when you were gone?
It is a good possibility she could have fatty liver or a thyroid issue.  Can you get her to a vet for a blood draw to see what the values are?
For now, focus on greens/veggies, but she still needs some protein.  The crickets are fine for her.
You can also get some liquid or powdered L-carnitine to help with fat metabolism, too.
You can email me at:

When you get the L-carnitine I can help with dosing.
What is your tank setup like for her, are you using a UVB source & calcium supplementation?



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