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Reptiles/4y leapord gecko eye shed retained


QUESTION: what would you suggest for a moist hide for my geckohis eyes are covered and no matter what I do I can't get it off I'm worried for him

ANSWER: Hello Heidi,  

Have you tried some sterile saline solution for him to use on his eyes to see if that will help?   Are his eyes infected yet?
You can get some spaghmum moss or a sponge either one to use to keep moist in his cave.  Do you have the cave on the warm side to where it will help release moisture for him?


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QUESTION: Thank would I apply the saline? Qtip or spray? I have a Tupperware with moist paper towels n the moist moss on top with holes in top so I spray moss n it drips inside to keep moist but no change its been 3 days since the moist hide. Should I hold him in warm water n try to get it off with qtip or handtowel. Thanks for your help. No its not infected.....yet!

ANSWER: Hello Heidi,

You can just try to drop the eye drop into the eye without using a swab/q-tip, etc if possible.  Just gently hold the eye open & drop it in.  
If you feel that the eye cap could come off easily then you could dampen a swab & gently try to nudge it off being careful that you don't damage the eye.
Is he eating anything right now?
Good, the moist hide sounds perfect for him.  Is it nice & warm for him also?
Do you have any pictures of him?

Let me know how he is doing.


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QUESTION: So his eye is infected one good one bad. I had to physically help him shed his face he looked like he was suffering...he's not eating it looks like he can't see the wax worms....I don't know what to do. He opens good eye sometimes its weird....I've been keeping everything moist and clean but I'm worried. Thanks so much for your help you have been extremely helpful!

Hello Heidi,

Oh my, he is having that hard of time shedding his face?  
If his eye is getting infected, you can check the local feed store to see if they have an antibiotic eye ointment. It is called Terramycin & very good.  If you can't find it locally, I have a small online store & sell it also.  
My site is:

Are you able to get some sterile saline solution into his eye at all?  
Since he can't see real well, I highly recommend getting some chicken or turkey baby food to feed to him so he doesn't lose too much weight.

Let me know how he is doing.


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