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my dragon\'s
my dragon's  
QUESTION: Hello I have three bearded dragons all around the same age and I'm trying to figure out the sex of them to see if I need to split them up into different cages I have tried to use the internet info and pictures but I'm still having troubles figuring it out

ANSWER: Hello Jessica,

How old are they?  It is very difficult to sex the youngsters.  
Here is a link to a helpful page with sexing information that may be helpful for you:

They are very cute!  :-)  Are they from the same clutch?


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QUESTION: I'm not sure if they are from the same clutch but i was told that if i got them from the pet store and they where in the same cage it is a good possibility they are siblings im not quite sure how old  they are do you count the tail when measuring them to tell how old they are if we separate them is it true they wouldn't do good and could possibly die from being lonely and can they eat chick peas

ANSWER: Hello Jessica,

Yes, then they are most likely from the same clutch then.  
No, 99.99% of the time they do better housed alone, especially males!  Sometimes, but seldom, you can get away with housing two females.  Most of the time it is better for them to be housed separately.
You can count their tail when measuring, yes.  As for the chick peas or garbanzo beans, they are not recommended since they are higher in oxalates.  Here is a food chart for you to see, it has a lot of great foods listed.

Let me know how they are doing.


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QUESTION: My bearded dragons haven't eaten their veggies in two days is that ok and I buy a box of 50/60 crickets is it ok to leave it open in the dragons cage

Hello Jessica,

I wouldn't recommend opening the box & leaving it in the dragons' cage.  Too many crickets running around will greatly stress them & they can bite them also if they didn't eat them all, etc.  
I would consider feeding them in a large plastic bin to place just a few crickets in at a time to see if they will eat them that way.  Feed them separately though, to decrease the stress.

They will go through phases of eating greens & then they wont eat them.  Just keep offering them & eventually as they get a little older, the frequency of them eating the greens should improve.

Let me know how they are doing.


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