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Im setting up the tank to bring home my bluetongue this weekend. The person I'm getting it from seems to have little or no knowledge of the species (thought the 8in baby she bought was full grown, doesn't know the sub species) and couldn't answer any of my questions. I was wondering if I need a night heat lamp. I already have a UVA and UVB lamp set up, but I do live in Connecticut and I don't want the Skink to get cold at night. My home never gets below 68.  Thank you and advance for your help

Hi Julia,

It sounds like the previous owner picked up that BTS from a chain pet store, was given no advice and then didn't bother to do any of her own research either. That baffles me!

I hope that the care she gave it was at least adequate enough to prevent any health problems.

You won't need supplemental heat at night. It is quite normal and natural for the night time temp to drop down into the 60'sF. It allows their metabolism to rest as everything slows down at cooler temperatures. Make sure your daytime basking gets up to right around 100F.  


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