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I have had a chinese water dragon for about a month now and the last two weeks his color has been ranging from a brownish green to a dark brown. Last week I moved him to a 40 gallon tank because I thought the previous 20 gallon tank might have something to do with it. The cage has a UVB light, the temp is always between 78-88 and the humidity between 60-84% generally being around 70%. Draco the chinese water dragon is about 12-13 inches from snout to the tip of his tail. He is eating and fairly active. I have been feeding him crickets mealworms and wax worms. I don't see him in his water dish though. Is his color so thing I should worry about? I know they are generally a brighter green. I just want to provide the best care for him. Please let me know if he is ok, or if I need to do something different.
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It sounds like you're taking great care of your dragon. As long as he's eating and active, don't worry about the color. Some individuals are more green than others. As he gets older his color may change. It also takes dragons a bit of time to get used to a new home. My best advice is to keep doing research on how to best keep your water dragon happy and healthy. There are many resources online that provide information regarding lighting, temperature, diet, habitat and husbandry. From the picture, it looks like you've got a healthy little guy.

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