QUESTION: Hello Tracie yes my gecko does eat crickets and gets calcium. What can I give her for it to go away she has had it for a while now. Is there an ointment I can apply.

ANSWER: Hello Sylvia,

I forgot to include my website if you wanted to check out the silver products, too.
It is:

How often does she get calcium, several times per week?  
Let me know how she is doing!  :-)


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QUESTION: She gets calcium every time we feed her crickets they are sprinkled with calcium powder. Every week or so. I am going to try to take her to the vet on Monday because were I live everything is closed right now. Do you happen to know by any chance how much it would cost for them to drain the access?

Hello Sylvia,

Great, I am glad to hear she is eating & gets calcium also.
Be sure to keep her tank a little warmer, just a few degrees at night, to help her system out while she has infection right now.
I would definitely recommend getting bee pollen or colloidal silver to help with her immune system.
I am not sure how much they would charge for draining the abscess but for a gecko I would not think the office visit would run more than $50 & the procedure maybe around $45 or so.  However, they may want to send off some of the fluid for analysis to see what type of infection, etc is present.

Let me know how that goes for you & how she is doing.


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