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henri 2
henri 2  
Hello, I have a veil chameleon (Henri)  that was doing great, up until about 1week ago..I noticed that a lil bit of her tongue was showing...she was still eating an drinking...Saturday her tongue was hanging completely out, she was unable to retract with out our help. She has no control of her arms, she hasnt eaten anything in 3 days she has only had water with a dropper..she is always sleeping..when I put the dropper in her mouth she was almost like a baby, drinking its bottle. Her color is very green...she does move around, just very very very slow. Please help me...I dont want her to suffer. Although I think she is.  I don't want her to die.


I'm very sorry I didn't see this question sooner. I'm afraid that by now you probably know that Henri is dying. I'm terribly sorry for your loss. We love our reptiles, just like people with their dogs and cats. I'm sure you're sad but take some comfort in knowing that reptile nervous systems are different than ours. They do not feel pain in the same way. I don't believe your chameleon was suffering. Our pets do not live as long as we would want. It sounds like you gave your pet the best home she could have had during her life.

Sorry I couldn't help


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