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I just got a Chinese Water Dragon from a pet store about a week ago. I found out recently that his tank mate from the store had worms so I'm worried that my dragon might have worms as well. The only problem is that the closest vet that will care for him is over a 2 hour drive away and I'm not sure I can transport him that far safely. It would also be about 500$ and I just don't have that kind of money right now. Is there any way to know if he has worms or not without the trip? He's active and bright, eats well, and isn't having any trouble pooping. The only thing that concerns me is his past tank mate since they spent about a month together.


It sounds like you have a happy healthy dragon. it is possible that he has worms. I understand that it would be very difficult for you to go to the vet. If you have access to ordering thing from the internet, I would look up "diatomaceous earth food grade" and order a small amount. It is fairly inexpensive. When it arrives, sprinkle just a little on his food for a couple of days. If he has worms, you will probably see them in his poop. Repeat this every month or so until you no longer see any worms.

Most lizards can live fairly healthy lives even with worms, but the diatomaceous earth is an inexpensive way to get rid of them if he has them. It's wonderful that you're such a caring owner. I hope you have a your dragon for a long time.



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