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Yes im having troubles with my armadillo lizard ive had him for two weeks now and the first day i got him he ate but now since then he wont go after anything also since the first day ive got him he was calm but the moment i put him in the aquarium he wont let me touch or hold him

Hello Myah ,

i'm sorry i didn't get your question until just now. Occasionally notifications go to my spam email. It is a very attractive lizard you have. It sounds like he is very stressed. Reptiles usually show stress by not eating. It can take several weeks or even longer for a lizard to adjust to a new environment. The best thing to do is to NOT try to handle him or take him out of his tank. For at least the next few days, put a towel or something over the front of his tank so he can't see out. Let him just hang out and not be stressed. Then start trying to feed him but keep stress to an absolute minimum. Once he has begun eating regularly, then you can start trying to handle him. Put your hand in the cage and let him approach you. Don't chase him with your hand.

It can be a long process but it will be best for your lizard.

Thank you


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