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My female crested gecko just lost her tail, shes turned really dark and seems a little hostile. I have a male crested gecko with her in the same cage and hes a little agressive. Any idea of what could have caused this? Also I have cardboard and papertowel in the cage could these things harm them?

Hello Stephen,

I apologize, this question must have missed my email!  Sorry about that.
Do you have a picture of your set up I could see?
How old are they, is he trying to mate with her & that is why she lost her tail?

If he is overly aggressive, that is most likely why she lost her tail, as it scared her.  If he continues to be aggressive, you may need to separate them so she can recover.
Are they both eating right now?

How is her tail doing, has it started to regenerate any yet?  
Please review your tank setup such as the temperatures, food offered, as well as supplementation.



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