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Well my beardie has gotten cold I'm guessing cause it shows 55 on colder end and 73 on warmer since its night time but he never wants to be held cause he still is a juvenile but all he wants to do is lay on my chest right now. Will he be ok? He didn't want to eat today either.  He is laying against my skin sleeping


Those are much lower than optimal temperatures for a bearded dragon. Those temps shouldn't cause permanent damage however. On the hot side of his cage the temps should be around 100 degrees and around 80 on the cool side. If they drop down in the 70's at night, that's fine. The important things with beardies is that you have the proper UV light which is a ReptiSun 10, it's a long 18'' tube light, and that they have a good hot basking area which can be achieved with a regular light bulb. Also, be sure that he is getting a calcium an D3 supplement.

Great info on taking care of beardies can be found at

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