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Hello I am getting a baby bearded dragon and I would like to know what size exo terra I should get, do you think 36x12x18 is good. I would also like to ask how many watts should the bulb  have? Thank you

Hello Ariana,

Yes, for a baby, a 36x12x18 sized tank would be fine.  Keep in mind that he/she will need a larger one as an adult, usually a 75 gallon to a 90 gallon.  Or dimensions could be 4x2x2 or around that size, estimated.
How close do you plan on having the light to him?  For that sized tank, you should be able to get by with a 60-75watt basking light.  Are you going to be using a UVB light also?
I recommend getting either the Reptisun 10 tube bulb or the Arcadia D3 12% tube bulb.  Steer clear of any compact/coil lights, they just don't emit good enough quality of UVB light.
Will you use a digital probe or a temperature gun to measure the temperatures?



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