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My crested gecko
My crested gecko  
QUESTION: I recently got an adult crested gecko from Petco and he doesn't seem like he likes me or to be handled. When I picked him up, he jumped beck in his cage in less than a minute and the last time I tried to pick him up he barked at me. Do you think he will warm up to me and become tamer? And if so how should I go about that process?

ANSWER: Hello Karissa,

I am sorry your crested is not real tame yet!
Anytime they come into a new home, it will take a bit of time for them to get warmed up to you & to adjust to a new home & surroundings.  How long have you had him?  
His set up is beautiful & so is he.  
Try to put your hand in his tank slowly for a few minutes per day, to let him get used to your scent & someone in general trying to handle him.  It sounds like no one really worked with him previously which will definitely make it more challenging to tame him.  Though with patience, you should be able to get him used to you.  
As you have your hand in there, you can gently touch him & stroke his head or tail, whichever he seems to prefer, for a few minutes without picking him up.  Try that for a week, with increasing the time you have your hand in there a minute or two each day.
Eventually he should get used to someone wanting to handle & pick him up.  They do tend to become very tame from what I have heard.  
Does he have a favorite food you could entice him with, by hand feeding?  Bribery is always fun!  :-)  
Let me know how that goes.


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QUESTION: I've had him for about a week. He doesn't like being touched and last time I tried he barked at me. I feed him repashy cgd and I can't tell if he's eating but there is poop on the reptile carpet. Should I see if he will try to eat off my hand?

ANSWER: Hello Karissa,

Sure, a week isn't real long to have him be completely adjusted yet.  He may not have been handled much in the past or possibly even mishandled which might be making him apprehensive to being picked up or petted.  
Definitely see if he will eat anything from your hand, that may help to build trust & a bond as well.
If you have more pictures of him, you can send them.  I love cresteds, they are so beautiful!

Let me know how things are going with him.


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His name is Henry Clay
His name is Henry Clay  

His habitat
His habitat  
QUESTION: Ok thank you so much for your help! I'll definitely update you in a week or two to tell you how he's doing.

Hello Karissa,

Great, that sounds good!  I hope something works, eventually he should break down & enjoy some attention.  :-)
He is beautiful & does look healthy, too.  I love the color of him, too.  I don't think he should have a problem with his home, it is lovely.

Keep me posted on him.

Henry Clay is a great name!



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